Latest VCAT and PPV editorials now available

On behalf of the editorial committee, welcome to 2019. Late last year many noteworthy Tribunal decisions and Panel reports were uploaded onto Austlii. Significant Tribunal decisions included: further consideration of the 1045 Burke Road case and the National Trust principle; section 173 agreements and affordable housing; balancing housing development and urban character in the Residential Growth Zone; concerns with conflicting policy directions in the Monash Planning Scheme; and whether there has been a change in approach in the lapsing of applications and further information requests. Significant Panel reports included; costs and affordability impacts of a DCP in regional areas; ensuring public officers have authority in expert conclaves; preservation of tenement controls in the Upper Yarra and Dandenong Ranges; protecting Barwon Heads from inappropriate growth and development; and the importance of getting it right with the form and content of amendments.