Latest editorials now available

In a busy end to 2023, we have pleasure in providing you editorials on both VCAT decisions and Panel reports. Highlights of VCAT Vol 11 No 6 are North Central CMA inability to provide referral comments because of exemptions contained within a Local Floodplain Development Plan; whether a Notice of Decision is a ‘statutory authorisation’ under the Aboriginal Heritage Act; the ‘legal possibility’ and ‘factual possibility’ on whether a subdivision will result in an increase of dwellings; two cases involving non-complying stackers and Tribunal Orders that conditions must be complied with; a Supreme Court decision that the Minister’s decision to approve the Surf Coast Statement of Planning Policy is free from error; whether permission is required for stores and warehouses more than 30m from residentially zoned land; and a rejection of an Interim Enforcement Order concerning the use of a suburban scout hall. Highlights of PPV Vol 11 No 3 are a green light for the Beaufort Bypass; revisions to Yarra Range’s landslip Erosion Management Overlay; abandonment of the rezoning of PPRZ land in Bannockburn; Greater Geelong’s advertising sign guidelines; and the third report on the Victorian Murray Floodplain Restoration Project, with a recommendation that the Burra Creek project not proceed.