Latest editorials now available

Whilst the number of cases being decided by VCAT may be lower, the number of noteworthy cases has not diminished. This month we have produced two VCAT editorials and one PPV editorial. Highlights of VCAT Vol 11 No 2 include Amendment VC243 – emerging approaches at VCAT; concerns with flooding impacts on two developments; change to evidence leads to questions of process integrity; approval for two dwellings near a Major Hazard Facility; whether an outdoor fireplace and chimney comprise services normal to a dwelling; Clause 65 and the scope of discretion; and whether a new CHMP is required if there is a different high impact activity. Highlights of VCAT Vol 11 No 3 include validity of a development contribution levy; amenity impacts of a pig farm; amenity impacts of a poultry farm; whether an existing combined drain is adequate for nine dwellings; a Court of Appeal decision that a proposed subdivision breaches a covenant; the dismissal of a late application to the Supreme Court; and the failure to adequately take into account native vegetation impacts. Highlights of PPV Vol 11 No 2 include the Kingswood Golf Course redevelopment; the application of the Buffer Area Overlay to a landfill; the second Victorian Murray Floodplain Restoration Project report; whether Melton’s soldier settlements display thresholds of local heritage significance; and fixing old heritage curtilages.