Latest editorials now available

We are pleased to advise that both the latest VCAT and PPV editorials are now available. Highlights of VCAT Vol 10 No 11 are challenges in establishing non-residential uses outside the GRZ; relevance of health impacts on a childcare centre and need; refusal of a childcare centre near a MHF; what is meant by a Tribunal order to ‘must give’ notice; rural worker accommodation found to be ancillary; whether upper level setbacks are measured from the property boundary or from the street wall; and whether a setback from a foreshore boundary is mandatory. Highlights of PPV Vol 10 No 6 are protecting industrial areas from becoming de facto activity centres; whether mandatory controls for Whitehorse main road corridors should be mandatory; balancing protection of a water catchment with the needs of rural landowners; and Kingston’s housing strategy recommended for approval subject to further changes before the Amendment is submitted for approval.