Latest editorials now available

An extremely busy time at VCAT has resulted in us preparing two VCAT editorials this month, plus a PPV editorial on some significant Panel reports. Highlights of VCAT Vol 10 No 7 include interpretation of B21 and how to calculate overshadowing impacts; application of the National Trust principle and no right of appeal where no right to be given notice; compensation on land establishing the Western Grasslands; two cases on whether proposals for a boundary realignment are actually new lots; and wind farm noise and the law of nuisance. Highlights of VCAT Vol 10 No 8 include Underdevelopment; the assumed representative in a  joint application; whether the lodgement of a statement of grounds is sufficient to be made a party to a proceeding; refusal of an application for stay against an EPA Notice of Revocation; and refusal of a restrictive covenant despite support from sole beneficiary. Highlights of PPV Vol 10 No 4 include redevelopment of Preston Market and the need to retain more heritage; further work required on Latrobe’s bushfire amendment; whether the removal of an SCO circumvents the planning process; and applying the precautionary approach to City of Melbourne’s flood controls.