Latest editorial now available

This month we publish an editorial on both VCAT decisions and panel reports. Highlights of VCAT Vol 10 No 3 include the Tribunal’s satisfaction that shadowing impacts on the public realm at Waterfront Place are acceptable; Tribunal refusal to amend a subdivision permit as it is not required for the economical and efficient servicing of land; the irrelevance of heritage matters in the removal of a significant tree in a VPO; refusal of a market in the Green Wedge; concerns with using an enforcement order for ulterior motives; and refusal to convert a serviced apartment into a dwelling because of inadequate private open space. Highlights of PPV Vol 10 No 1 include Committee’s recommendations not support Protected Settlement Boundaries in the Bellarine Statement of Planning Policy; problems with identification of a large heritage precinct; the impact of heritage controls on ESD objectives; and recommended approval for the Warburton Mountain Bike trail.