Latest editorial now available

This month we have produced one editorial, VCAT Vol 11 No 8. Highlights include the weight that should be given to the North Shepparton Activity Centre Structure plan; the refusal to issue a Certificate of Compliance for a rooming house on the basis the proposal does not meet the definition; the approval of a sub-acute hospital near a school; the deletion of a condition for a noise report required for a childcare centre; the removal of an objector on the basis they no longer have an interest in the adjoining property; another case in which the Tribunal has refused an application because of underdevelopment; whether objectors have standing to the demolition of an outbuilding in a Heritage Overlay; whether there is an obligation on landowners to maintain a protected tree; a declaration pursuant to the Water Act that the Minister may appoint a water authority to decide right of access; and the final Box v Stonnington decision.