Last editorial for 2022

Our last VCAT editorial for 2022 is available on the web site. Highlights include a number of Supreme Court decisions, including deleting a Tribunal condition requiring works to protect a childcare centre from an oil pipeline; dismissing an appeal that amended plans could be approved under a section 173 agreement; and holding that an easement was not a restriction under the Subdivision Act. In a matter decided by the Court of Appeal, an appeal challenging the Minister’s powers to approve a planning scheme amendment affecting the property boundary and the beach was dismissed. Other cases included a Tribunal decision that held a Council had not provided in-principle approval to end a section 173 agreement; the refusal of a proposal despite an opportunity to address concerns via an interim Order; and the approval of a quarry operator to be joined to a proceeding involving a nearby residential subdivision.

On behalf of the editorial committee, we thank our subscribers for their continued support and we wish all practitioners in the planning industry a safe and happy Christmas and New Year.