First editorials for 2023

On behalf of the editorial committee, we wish subscribers and friends a productive and fruitful year. We have our first VCAT and PPV editorials for 2023. Highlights of VCAT Vol 10 No 5 include whether a proposed development is a rooming house or 9 seperate dwellings; the relevance of traffic considerations for an application for a crossover in a Heritage Overlay; a return in-person hearings and the balance of convenient access v access to justice; whether the keeping of foxhounds is animal husbandry or domestic animal husbandry; whether a cellar door has existing use rights; and whether Head for Transport for Victoria is a determining referral authority. Highlights of PPV Vol 10 No 2 include: approval of Monash’s public open space contributions, but a reduced rate; protection of Mitchell’s extractive industry resource; establishing a clear line of sight for Moyne’s Rural Housing and Settlement Strategy; lack of biodiversity information scuttles Harcourt’s structure plan; and need for updated population and demographic data for Moira’s townships.