Going down

At PPV Vol 5 No 3 we reported on the advisory committee report on the Ormond Station redevelopment. (Vic Transport Project Integrated Development Opportunities AC – Ormond Station (AC) [2017] PPV 28). The advisory committee set out strong strategic reasons to support the re-development which would have resulted in a building height of 12 and 13 storeys. However, the proposal, which was subject to a planning scheme amendment, was scuttled by the Coalition with the support of the Greens in the Legislative Council by invoking a rarely used provision in the P&E Act. Following negotiations, the proponents came back with a new proposal for 10 storeys on the apparent basis it would have gotten the politicians over the line. Now it seems that 10 storeys is too high with a local Liberal candidate – a former Property Council director – canvassing for nothing more than eight storeys. See The Age link below 23 August 2018.